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Gil Moore

Mike Levine

In every band's career a point is  reached which represents a synthesis of all of the musical, creative and touring  experience which has gone before. The point for Triumph is embodied in the sons and ideas contained in their new album NEVER SURRENDER.

In a recent interview conducted at their recording studio, the Metalworks,  the band commented on the development of their music over the years and on the  creation of NEVER SURRENDER.

Q: What do you think makes a successful album?
"From an artistic  point of view, it is the original concepts, fully realized, the jelling of lyrics to music to production, and that the band stretches further to the limits of their group work and their individual performance." (Mike)
"Progress: growth, maturity. Pride in craftsmanship and in each other. That contribution to the family spirit of the band is very important to me. When you can sit and look  at the jacket and read the inner sleeve lyrics and listen to pressed vinyl and  experience the satisfied thrill of the (accurate, meticulous, detailed,  complete) realization of your creative dreams, that's a successful L.P." (Gil)

Q: What makes NEVER SURRENDER different from past Triumph  albums?
"A gargantuan ambient drum sound; an attention to lyrical detail vocal performance; better written and arranged songs; the influence of David Thoener's impartial ears and technique; tighter, more sophisticated bed and  rhythm tracks; shorter songs and solos, more direct communication and no b.s.;  more coherency, stability, completeness." (Rik)

Q: Did working with a co-producer for the first time since your first Canadian album make any difference?
"Yes. It changed the way we looked at  ourselves. Suddenly on a creative, producing level, here was a window on the world, as well as some probing in our previously private domain. He pointed our self-indulgences, allowed us to dispense with al lot of technical  experimentation by providing experienced engineering solutions." (Rik)
"I think he helped the band members appreciate more that ever before each other's strength, and weaknesses, and helped us to take advantage, or avoid them." (Gil)

Q: How does having your own studio effect the making of a Triumph album?
"Time is no longer the keeper. Time becomes an ally, an affordable luxury. The security comes through in the music; its better pre-produced, therefore better written and arranged. it is better recorded, as the technical  requirements are more well-known. And it is better mixed, as the only pressure that exists is quality, and so the only concerns are positive, creative ones."  (Mike)

Q: Is there Triumph sound?
"I think my voice is easily recognized and Gil's voice and drum sound are unique and definitely the basis of a Triumph  sound." (Rik)
"It's aggressive, I think more daring, more percussive, more involving and interesting with the music than just a straight-ahead-beat type of  sound." (Mike)
"Triumph's sound is kind of English progressive meets American blues rock and roll, and it's full of surprises. I'd like to think that people can recognize our style. Things like "Fight the Good Fight" and "Never  Surrender" are some of our proudest moments. There's a more direct sound coming from the band now." (Gil)

Q: Which is more satisfying creatively/artistically/egotistically -  recording or live performance?
"No question - recording. As a musician, it's the ultimate test, and the highest art form available. But I have the blood of a rock 'n' roller in my veins and rock and toll lives and breathes where  there's screaming, dancing people, and sweat, and vibration moving the smokey, electric air. I love performance because it;s the rock 'n' roll challenge and to  win means instant gratification. But I love recording more because it appeals to the egomaniacal artist in me." (Rik)
"If you want great sound sit home and  listen to your stereo... Nothing can match the feeling of the building actually vibrating. Rock is power, there's nothing else like it." (Gil)

Q: Triumph is well-known for its spectacular stage production; will you continue this in 1983?
"And beyond. The basics we built the band on won't change. The live show made us and sustains us. The touring show is what makes you a real live band, and Triumph is as conscientious in its stage production as it is in its album recording." (Rik)
"Elaborate production is the best way  for us to present our music, because it makes it larger-than-life and gets you to 'hear' more with your eyes." (Mike)
"Bare bones production masquerading as some sort of music-stressing artistic choice, seems like a cheap, lazy, rip-off  of the concert-goer to me. A rock and roll musician who is a concert performer  has a responsibility to perform the beast he or she knows how." (Gil)
"So the  Rock 'N' Roll Machine goes "star wars" and we wouldn't have it any other way." (Gil)

  • Triumph began in Toronto in 1975 with Mike Levine (bass) and Gil Moore (drums). After seeing guitarist Rik Emmett in concert with another Toronto band,  Levine and Moore asked him to join Triumph which he did in the summer of 1975.
  • The band is, and always has been, based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Contrary to an early band biography, Triumph drummer, Gil "The Bird" Moore,  knows little if anything about auto repair or customizing. "I got the nickname 'Bird' in high school because I drove a T-bird, not because I built it."
  • "Rick" Emmett became "Rik" Emmett when his name was misspelled on an album covers. "I've had enough experience with music business bureaucracy to know that it would be easier to change my name than to get the album cover corrected."
  • Triumph's first U.S. concert date was February 18, 1977 in San Antonio,  Texas.
  • Triumph's first Canadian concert date was September 19, 1975 at Simcoe High  School; fee $750.
  • Triumph's first U.S. tour began November 14, 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the Stanley Theater.
  • Triumph's first Canadian concert tour began on May 9, 1978 in Campbellton, New Brunswick.
  • Triumph has release six albums in Canada and five in the United  States.
    They are:
    1975 TRIUMPH
    1978 JUST  A GAME
  • Triumph has earned a total of five gold and two platinum albums. ALLIED  FORCES was Triupmh's first U.S. gold LP.
  • Triumph's recording studio, the Metalworks, is Canada's only 48-track  computerized MCI studio.
  • Triumph's previous album ALLIED FORCES was listed on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart for 51 weeks and spent ten weeks in the Top Ten of The Radio and Records Top Forty Album list.
  • Triumph is one of MTV's most played artists.
  • The largest audience before which Triumph has appeared was Canada Jam in 1978. Over 110,000 attended the show.
  • In their professional career Triumph has performed over five-hundred concerts.
  • Except for outdoor festivals Triumph has headlined every concert engagement  they have played.
  • Triumph's Gil Moore co-designs all of the band's lighting and stage effects  and co-produces tour shows.
  • Rik Emmett's cartoons, "Rocktoons," are a regular feature in Hit Parader Magazine.
  • Contrary to an early band biography, none of them members of Triumph have  zodiac signs, favorite foods, colors, cars or movies.

The Tour

Putting a massive lighting system, a fully computerized bank of laser  effects, a thunderous sound system, stage gear, amps, guitars, synthesizers, two  tractor trailers and a fifteen man crew to handle it all, on the road for six months is a monstrous undertaking.

Since TRIUMPH played their last gig of 1982 at the Rose Bowl before 70,000 people, plans have been in the works for "The 1983 Never Surrender World Tour."

Last September (1982) R.A. Roth lighting began designing the spectacular  system for on stage this year, construction hat taken over five months to  complete.

D.B. Sound of Chicago has designed the Never Surrender sound system specifically for the TRIUMPH sound. The music that you hear in concert will equal if not surpass studio quality.

Showlasers has created a magnificent barrage of laser effects, all of which  have been orchestrated by the band. Each effect is scored to coincide with a musical highlight.

TRIUMPH'S new show created by the band to showcase their music is the largest  ever and with the addition of Rik's new guitar synthesizer, Mike's collection of  keyboard synthesizers and Gil's custom designed Tama drum kit, The 1983 Never  Surrender Tour will be TRIUMPH'S musical tour de force.


Triumph's Crew

Tour Manager: Joe  Owens
Production Manager:Jeff Jackson
Tour Coordination: Alex  Andronache
Lighting Director: Jim Chapman
Rigger: John DeLong
Sound  Mixer: Bruce "Slim" Judd
Monitor Mixer: Dave Somenfeld
Special Effects: Tom Aiello
Electronics Consultant: Dave Dickson
Trucking: Upstaging Inc.,  Chicago, Illinois
Busing: J&L Custom Coach Leasing, Cartersville,  Georgia

Head Electrician: Steve  Dunaway
Electrician: Larry Miller
Electrician: Lamar Still
Electrician: Dan Carter
Guitar Technician: Keven Boyce
Lighting: R.A. Roth Inc.,  Atlanta, Georgia
Lighting Designers: R.A. Roth and Jim  Chapman
Merchandise: Winterland Productions
Lithography: Pacific Lithograph

1 Framus-Akkerman  Guitar
1 Dean ML Baby Guitar
1 Ibanez Artist Model Guitar
1 Takamine 6-string Acoustic Guitar
1 Nady VHF 700 with 2 Nady Transmitters
1  Marshall Lead Amplifier
3 Marshall M.D.-II Amplifiers
1 Morley Watt Volume Pedal
1 Ibanez CS-9 Stereo Chorus
1 Ibanez Phase Tone
2 Ibanez AD-9  Analog Delay
1 MXR Distortion
1 Custom Supply Box
1 Custom Switch  Box
1 Custom Pedal Board

12 Sabian  Cymbals
2 Tama Custom Drums - 24" in diameter
3 Tama Bass Pedals
1 Tama Drum Throne
1 Tama Snare Stand
1 Tama Snare Drum
1 Tama Snare Drum  6-1/2 x 14
1 Tama Custom Drum 6" in diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 8" in diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 10" in diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 12" in  diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 13" in diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 14" in  diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 15" in diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 16" in  diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 18" in diameter
1 Tama Custom Drum 20" in  diameter
2 Tama Double Cymbal Stands
2 Tama Tom-Tom Stands
1 Tama Custom Hi-Hat Stand
1 Tama Boom Tom-Tom Stand
1 Tama Drum Synthesizer  Moder DS-200
1 Tama Gong

1 Fender Jazz  Bass
1 Fender Precision Bass
1 Nady VHF 700
1 Nady Transmitter
1  Ashly Pre-Amp
1 Ashly Limiter Compressor
3 Crown Power Amplifiers
1  Custom Supply Box
1 Marshall Rack
1 Moog - The Source
1 Roland Vocoder
1 Moog Opus 3 Keyboard
1 Moog Tarus Bass Pedal
1 Moog Tarus II  343A
1 Moog Tarus II 343B
6 Marshall 4-12 Speaker Cabinets
6 Kroth Bass Cabinets with JBL 140 Speakers
2 Kroth Bass Cabinets with JBL 15" Speakers

Triumph Tour Merchandice

Tour Poster -  $2.00

Grey Body Baseball Jersey
(Never Surrender Jersey) - $12.00

Black T-Shirt
(Album Art Shirt) - $9.00

Tour Button
(Never Surrender Logo) - $1.00

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