Edge of Excess

Edge of Excess

  1. Child of the City
  2. Troublemaker
  3. It's Over
  4. Edge of Excess
  5. Turn My Back on Love
  6. Ridin' High Again
  7. Black Sheep
  8. Boy's Night Out
  9. Somewhere Tonight
  10. Love in a Minute

Released in 1992.

Gil Moore

: Drums and lead vocals.

Phil Xenidis

: Guitars and background vocals.

Mike Levine

: Bass and background  vocals.

Additional guitars by Mladen and Lawrence Falcomer.
Background vocals by Mike Shotton, Mladen, Eric Summers,
Ninette, John Ball, Fred Curci, Steve DeMarchi,
Gil, Phil, and Mike.

Produced by Mike Levine and Noel Golden.
Recorded and mixed at  Metalworks Studios, Toronto, Canada.
Recorded by Noel Golden, john Punter,  John Bailey, and Rick Andersen.
Mixed by John Punter, Hoel Golden, Terry Brown, and Rick Andersen.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New  York.


This album featured Phil X on guitar along with Mike and Gil. It featured Triumphs first top ten hit, Troublemaker, and went on to be  nominated as Hard Rock Album of the Year in the 1993 Juno awards.

Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

Pretty picture in the mirror
Just an angel from the stars above
Causing such a sensation
Will she score on the streets of love

She's a movie queen in the making
A cinderella in waiting
Late in the  night

She's a child of the city
Dressed to thrill
She's got all  the right moves
Child of the city, say you will

Temptation's gonna find ya
Ridin' high on a silver spoon
Street walkig  on the wild side
Bad boys howlin' at the moon

They're sayin' "Are you old enough
Are you willing"
As they bare their fangs for the killing
Late in the night


Little angel in a thin disguise
That devil woman can surely hypnotize


Words and  music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

From the time that I was born
The walls of trouble I adorned
Mama tried to teach me well
But I was busy raisin' hell
I've got a taste for fighting
Hands as fast as lightning
Can't you see the  writing on the walls

Always last in line
Troublemaker, livin' on  borrowed time
I don't wait for Lady Luck, I take her

They call me bad but I'm number one
Watch out the good die young
Spent  my life runnin' wild
Call me the devil's child
Don't play with me cause I'm fire
A loaded gun for hire
My trigger finger's itching for the kill


From the time that I was born
It's like a scar that I have worn
My mama  tried to teach me well
I was much too busy raisin' hell
Got a taste for  fighting
Hands as fast as lightning
Can't you see the writing on the wall


Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

Like an arrow through the heart
She was the one that got away
Seemed like yesterday that
You couldn't tear us apart
But then we  never realized Love was a compromise

Too many sleepless nights
Too many jealous fights
It hurt the night I  told her
Oh baby, it's all over

It's over, this can't go on,
All over, cause the feeling's  gone
Wonder if I'll survive alone again
Sometimes I just want to hold  her
But it's over

Young and foolish of heart
We were two gypsies on the run
Into the setting sun
Shattered pictures tell the tale,
Their crying love is a tragedy
Of tears and broken dreams
Just like a sad old song
Who knows  where we went wrong
I dread the day I told her
Oh baby, it's over


Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, Mladen, and Phil X

You say your vices, ain't so bad
Don't need alibis, feels so  good
To pump it up, don't need reasons why

I know the chase is a thrill
As the vultures move in for the  kill
Somethin's got to give
On the edge of excess

The ace is high, Jokers wild
Jack on the left and right
You slip right through that looking glass
Can you believe the sight

Comin' down stone cold
Somethin's gone right out of control
Better watch your step

On the edge of success
Your twist of fate will arrive
On the edge of excess
You're wanted dead or alive

Can you tell me now
Can you handle it boy, I've got to know
It seems like a long time
You're got such a long way to go

Such a mountain to climb, to get back
But just, just, just one more...


Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

I've been your victim, I've been your fool
You terrorize, you break the rules
I've had enough of your games
I can't take it  anymore
Your pretty poison's gonna make me blind
I've had it baby, I've made up my mind
I'm tired of wasting my time
And I told you before
I'll say it once again

I turn my back on love
Don't fight about it
Or beg for sympathy
I turn my back on love
I'm right about it
Oh baby set me free
Oh baby set me free

I've been mistreated, I've been misused,
I've paid the price, Yes I've  paid my dues
You had me under your spell
Like some voodoo child
Your love potion got the best of me
You left me nothin' but my dignity
Ain't  nothin' you can say
You got no alibis So I'll say it once again


Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Phil X

Baby there won't be a next time
Ain't goin' back to  school
Don't want no pity or mercy
'Cause you know that I'm nobody's  fool
No, don't ever look back
When you're doin' alright

Don't count me out, it's not over yet I'm ridin' high  again
Don't count me out, 'cause you can bet
I'm ridin' high again, I'm ridin' high again

Now you say that you want love or money
But you can't make your mind up on that
So you cut me to shreds like a switchblade knife
And now you think  I'm comin' back
No don't ever look back
When you're doin' alright


Said that you wanted a reprieve baby
But you know that I don't  compromise
Cause you sweet talked me
With your forked tongue girl
Now  it's high time you realized
No don't ever look back
When you're doin'  alright


Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

Joey left when he was 16
Black leather and blue jeans
Too  young to take a stand
Gang life was like quicksand

Pack o' smokes and a bottle o'Jack was
A good friend, that didn't talk  back much
Young dude on a roll,
Fast time take a toll

Brother was a big shot lawyer
Said the street life's gonna destroys  ya
Sister was an uptown model
Said your whole life's in that bottle

Black sheep, Black sheep
Bad boy of the family
Two strikes  against him from the start
Black sheep, Black sleep
Livin' life out of the street
Paid the price that left a scar

Good times and a couple of laughs were
Just what, Joe was after
Love came ina girl named Jane
She tried to keep him tame
It's hard to walk the  line
Born under a bad sign
The city was an ice cold place
Pain was written in Joey's face

Lord knows that he was a hard one
Switchblade and a .38 handgun
Joey got two years in the State Penn
He's coming back
But he just don't know when


Doin' time got Joey thinkin'
Started prayin' and he gave up drinkin'
Parole's comin' in six months maybe
Not knowin' Jane's having his  baby


Left jail straight as an arrow
Gonna stay on the straight and narrow
He loves Jane, and he loves little Joey
Lord knows

Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

Droolin' like a dog on a Saturday night
I've got a fist full of money
And I'm feelin'  alright
Lookin' for trouble like young boys do
I've got a bad reputation  and an attitude
Ridin' with the devil
We're tearin' up this town
Hear my motor screaming
Let's put the hammer down

It's the boys night out
Dogs begin to howl
It's the boys  night out
The dogs are howlin' tonight

Walkin' on the wild side out of control
We're a hard act to follow
Let  the good times roll
Better lock up your daughters
When we knock on your  door
You know we love 'em and leave 'em
Begging for more
Hidin' in the  alley
Running from the law man's noose
There's a full moon risin'
The  boys are on the loose


Words  and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, and Mladen

You may be runnin', tryin' to find your way
Haunted  by the memories of yesterday
You may be crying,
You say your dreams have slipped away
But hold on to the promise of another day
And when the nights  are long
Girl remember, wait for the stars to shine

Somewhere tonight
There's a lonely girl with a heart that's  achin'
Somewhere tonight, she's hanging on
Somewhere tonight
She's  still holdin' on to her dreams and waiting
Searching for love, somewhere  tonight

Villians and heroes
I've seen 'em rise, I've seem 'em fall
A little bit of both of them, is inside us all
Baby you can't deny it
Your time is gonna come
Send off your dreams in a bottle
And pray to the rising sun
And when the lights go down
Just remember, wait for the stars to shine


Love has the power to make you so high
Love has the power to tear you apart
There comes a time when love brings
A tear to your eye, so don't give it up
Baby don't give it up


Words and music by Gil Moore, Mike Levine, Phil X and Mladen

I need a woman who can understand
About a back door man
It ain't no movie show that's on my mind
So baby let's make plans

Cause every night, the story's the same
The stakes get high, but we just play games
Start me up, girl it won't take much
I can't get enough

Get your love in a minute
It won't take all night
Get your love in a minute
Baby turn out the lights
Baby turn out the lights

I ain't lookin' for no one night stand
Don't wanna fuss or fight
No need for talkin' at the midnight hour
I know the time is right

So come on girl, I'll show you how
I need your touch, and I need it now
I hurt's so bad, I know it must be love
I can't get enough


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