In the Beginning

In the Beginning

  1. 24 Hours a Day
  2. Be My Lover
  3. Don't Take My Life
  4. Street Fighter
  5. Street Fighter Reprise
  6. What's Another Day of Rock 'n' Roll
  7. Easy Life
  8. Let Me Get Next to You
  9. Blinding Light Show/Moonchild

Produced by: Mike Levin and Doug Hill for Platinum Productions

Special thanks to Laurie Delgrande on  Keyboards

Recording Engineer: Brian Bell
Remix Engineers: George  Semkiw and Brian Bell
Assisted by: Mark Wright and Mick Walsh

Recorded at Phase One Recordings Studios Ltd., Toronto, Canada
Digitally Mastered by: Scott Hull at Masterdisk, New York, New York

Words and music by Rik Emmett

I tell you sweetly now
Why I can't come to bed
I'm listening to the music
That's playing in my head
While your filled
With sleepy  dreams
I'm moving to the sounds
The beat keep driving
In my  brain
And the words go
Round and round
I see myself up on the stage
And holding my guitar
And I can't tell
If it's Carnegie Hall
Or just some local bar
But the hands are clapping
And the place is moving
And I feel it in my soul
It's late at night
And I can't  sleep
I gotta write some
Rock and roll

It drives me crazy about
Twenty-four hours a day
It's bouncing all  around
In my brain
I've just got to play

While the world
Outside is quiet
And the children
Are fast asleep
But here inside
I'm rockin' 'n' rollin'
To a crazy beat
So come on come on come on
Come on boys let's play
Yeh we're gonna do it,
Do it, do it
Twenty-four hours a day

Everybody party
Twenty-four hours a day
Everybody party
Come on boys let's play
Listen baby what I say
Everybody party
Party party every day

Words and music by Rik Emmett

I want to tell you
A little story
I want to whisper
In your ear
I  wanna get
Your engine running
I wanna slip you into gear

I got a present in my pocket
All I've gotta give
A little present
From the Rocket
All I've gotta give

Come on and be my lover
I'll take you under cover
Come on and be my  lover
All I'll be your lovin' man

You're got to feel it
Deep inside girl

You got to take it
When it comes

You'll never know
Until you're tried girl
Please don't stop
What's just begun

I've got a burning in my body
Baby I'm on fire
I ain't  asking
Nothing naughty
But won't you get me higher

Words and music by Gil Moore

I know there's a time
For living
I'm aware of that
We all must  die
But why must my young life
End so soon
Such a shame
To weep and  cry
In the night
Someone is calling
And in my mind
A picture  remains
People say
I've gone half crazy
People say that I'm insane

Don't take my life
Away from me
Don't take my life,
Set me free
A  fire is burning
And time is driftin' away

They say that I killed
My dear brother
This terrible crime I didn't do
Even my own momma said
Baby what's come over you
People judge and peer
Down at me

As tears stream
Down my face
I can't find a reason
Or any rhyme
I  think there must be
Some mistake

As only I stand witness
To my plea
People shake their heads
And pity me
Sentencing has dealt
The final blow
To live my life
Remaining on death row

Words and music by Gil Moore

Street fighting man
He's a hard one yes indeed
Just got in from Houston
Who knows when he'll leave
Made his reputation
In small town  southern bars
Everyone respects him
Treats him like a star

Street fighter
Street fighting man
(You got to)
Watch yourself today
While you're on the run
Cover the tracks
That you lay down
Your time is gonna come
(Yes it is)

He's got a lady waiting
Back home in New Orleans
A Louisana sweetheart
They call the Southern Queen
He promised her
They'd settle  down
And make a home someday
But he said, "Babe,
You've got to wait awhile.
I've got one last debt to pay."

He met his man at Steeler's Inn
Where they play
Cards for pay
In a flash
Two shots were fired
And one man rode away

The crowd began
To circle him
As he lay there dying
And in the night
He thought he heard
His sweetheart lady crying

Words and music by Gil Moore

Far away over the hills
And over the plains
Lawmen search for the  man
With no last name
Killer killed a killer
And a killer's got
To take the blame
Life seems wasted on some
It seems such a shame

Street fighter man
You got to run while you can
Street fighter man
You got to run while you can

Words and music by Gil Moore

We've been five years working in a
Rock and roll band
Blasting heavy metal right
Across the land

I know if we're good
And we see the light
We could tour the U.S.A.
I  think we might
Playin' really loud
To overflowin' crowds
Every  night
Party with people and rock until
The morning light

It's taken so long
To make it this far
What's another day
Of rock  'n' roll
It's taken so long
To make it this far
What's another day
Of rock 'n' roll

Well my friends try to tell me
That we're wasting our time
But I'll put our rockin'
Music on the line
We're going to make it big
Just you wait  and see
I ain't letting people
Get the better of me
We're going to make
The people get higher
And I know my moment
We got to set the world  on fire

Now people got to line
Wherever we go
Trying to get a ticket
To our headline show
We're packing screaming crowds
In right to the  door
15,000 people watch them
Yell for more
Now everybody calls  us
Trying to get a minute of our time
Well I think it's safe to  say
Nowadays we're doing fine

Words  and music by Mike Levine

Life goes by
And things get slower

Everyday I get a little lower
Need some time to get my moving
I need a woman
To give me some soothin'

Easy life, easy times
Got no reason, got no rhyme
Easy life, slip  through my hand
Easy life, easy times

I've been up and down
Three times now
Got to find a place to hide  now
Easy life slipped
Through my hands
Easy women
And rock and roll  bands

Easy life, easy times
Got no money or got no lines

Lookin' for a better way
Got to cash in on the dues
That I pay
Had a  woman
I didn't understand
I showed her where it's at
With the back of my hand

Words and music by Gil Moore

Come on pretty baby
Put your party dress on
Come on won't you  rock-it
With me all night long
Can't we lovey-dovey like the
Way we used to do before
That's what I like

Let me take you home tonite
Everything will be alright
Baby,  let me get next to you

Don't you try and tell me girl
That I'm not your style,
Come on get to know me
For a little while
Can't we lovey-dovey like the
Way we used to do before
That's what I like


The way you shake and shimmy
Girl you drive me wild
When you touch me  girl
You set my soul on fire
Can't we lovey-dovey like the
Way we used  to do before
That's what I like


Words  and music by Rik Emmett,
Chris Brockway and Denton Young

And from where I stand
I reach my hand
To catch a love blow
But the  selfish stare
Though electric air
Is a blinding light show

I see the face
That has no place
But somehow knows
The truth is clear
But hiding here
In the blinding light show
The blinding light show

The place is strange
The colors change
The dancer slows
And shifts his pace
And lifts his face
Into the blinding light show

A naked heart is
Quickly torn apart
And the burning grows
When you try to think
It only makes you sink
Into the blinding light show
The  blinding light show
The blinding light show

And while the crowd keeps
Calling out "Hoorah"
Their greedy hands
Keep clutching out
"Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah"
The aimless mob is calling out
And unseen candles
Burning out
"Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah"
The blinding light show
The blinding light show

And the sounds of truth
Ring hollow
In this pretense world of  show
And the footlights
Burn their pathways
As the profits come and  go
And the seeming some-day singer
Lives the Carney Barker's  dream
Selling all by saying nothing in
The language of a scream
The  language of a scream

And the blind shall
Lead the sighted
As we lose the candle glow
No one knows tomorrow
In the blinding light show
The blinding light show
The blinding light show

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