Never Surrender

Never Surrender

  1. Too Much Thinking
  2. A World of Fantasy
  3. A Minor Prelude
  4. All the Way
  5. Battle Cry
  6. Overture
  7. Never Surrender
  8. When the Lights Go Down
  9. Writing on the Wall
  10. Epilogue

Released in 1983.

Rik Emmett: Guitars and vocals
Mike Levine: Bass
Gil Moore: Drums and vocals

All songs writen by Emmett, Levin, Moore except
"A World of Fantasy" writen  by Emmett, Levin, Moore, Patrick.

Produced by Triumph and David Thoener

Words and music by Triumph

Child of tomorrow
Painful is today
Fathom if you can
Burning bridges, concrete  and clay
Lighting candles
Searching in the night
For a voice of reason
In the age of wrong am I right?
Modern visions
Portray just society
Will it be righteous in time?

Too much, too much thinkin' yes I know
Too much thinkin' tryin' to understand

Steal  away
Each and everyone
Contemplate the madness
Before the deed is done
See tomorrow coming
Shake the hand of fate
Mirror, mirror on the  wall
Is it all too late
Prophets of doom
Fearful of the violence
Preaching to no one at all

Words and music by Triumph and Tam Partick

I was out on my own in a great big world
Thought I'd seen it all
Then along comes a woman - a fantasy
And I took the fall

I was chasing a dream, I was fancy free
I was so naive
You were all wrapped up in a mystery
You looked good to me

And I needed love I wanted it desperately
But oh, real love, you never came to me
I was lost in your world of  fantasy
I was caught in your game of make-believe
I was lost in your world of fantasy

Lost in your world of fantasy
Look what you've done to me

You were drawin' me in to a spider's web
With your hungry eyes
I  was under your power I was in your spell
I was hypnotized

And oh sweet love: you wore such a strange disguise
So neat love: the way I fell for your lies


All the times you lied
And all the times I  cried
I'm never gonna be the same again

Lost in your world of  fanasy
Look what you've done to me

Music by Rik Emmett


Words and  music by Triumph

Where  there's a will, there's a way
Every dog will have his day
Those who wait are only wastin' time

Pray for wisdom - dig for gold
Can't buy  freedom by selling your soul
You gotta be willin' to give them a piece of your mind

Let a clearer conscience lead you
Don't let anyone deceive you
When your heart cries out you must obey

Take it all  the way, we can make it
All the way, we can take it
All the way, come  tomorrow, come what may

Right or wrong? You can't decide
But the  loser pays and the strong survive
So take your shot, give it all you can

You better watch out, you better look around
'cause what goes up is gonna come down
Everybody lives by the law of supply and demand

Once you've set a course don't change it
Luck will come to those who chase  it
Don't let anything get in your way


Power and glory  and fortune and fame
There must be a price you must pay
Where do you go  when you know that you've gone all the way
All the way

Words and music by Triumph

I'd like to re-write
History books for all  time
The future, the past
Search for the rhyme
The search goes  on
For truth in everyone
Numbers on the wall
Counting sad young faces,  count them all

The thrill of the fight
Killing's such a noble deed
And John said
Love is all we need
Should we forget
Or pause a moment to regret
Where have we been
I see things I wish I'd never seen

Battle cry
Brave men never fear
Battle cry
Never  shed a tear
Battle cry
All good soldiers hear the Battle cry

So many, many miles from home
Oh Lord have mercy on my soul
I think the loneliest man in the world is a soldier

Yes I know,  try to believe
Political renaissance we need
It's the will of God
That we must heed
The image fades
To blacks and blues and subtle grey
It's modern song
The cry goes on and on

OVERTURE (Processional)
Music by Triumph


Words and music by Triumph

Out in the streets inspiration comes hard
The joker  in the deck keeps handin' me his card
Smilin' friendly he takes me in
Then breaks my back in a game I can't win
Jivin', hustiln', what's it all  about?
Everybody always wants the east way out
Thirty golden pieces for the Judas kiss
What's a nice boy doin' in a place like this?

Never Surrender - keep your dreams alive
Never Surrender -  hold your head up high

Modern apathetics; you got plenty of nothing to  say
Some are born to follow: some will make their own way
Today you found  a hero tomorrow you'll forget
You're lookin' for convenient truth you haven't  found it yet
You don't make commitments no time for regrets
Easy come and  easy go and easy to forget
You don't ever take responsibility
Don't you  know that part of you is part of me


Never Surrender, it's  easier said than done
But you go to finish what's already begun
Never, that's forever, seems like such a long time
But I only got one life to live -  It's gonna be mine

Never Surrender - we cannot be denied
Never  Surrender - spread your wings and fly

Words and music by Triumph

Houselights  ready to cue
Backstage smoke is risin'
Steamin' like a witch's brew
I  want to play some rock 'n' roll
I want to sing the blues
Yes I know
I  feel it comin'
Let the party roll

When the lights go down
We're  ready to play the blues
When the lights go down
It's time to light, time to light, time to light the fuse

Oh no
They're screamin' like the 4th of July
Hollywood comes to your hometown
Hammers cocked and ready to  fire
I've got itchy fingers
For the trigger tonight
And I'm tired of waitin'
So tired
Let the party roll

Words and music by Triumph

I can hear it
I can fee it
And I have no choice - I answer the call
I can see it
And I believe it
There is wisdom in the writing on the wall

Shout it from the rooftops
Sing it to the sky
Stand up for one and one for all
I feel the tide is turning as  I
Watch the days go down
I can read the writing on the wall

All  the faceless
And all the nameless
Up against the wall: they spell it out for you
Are you searchin', hopin', prayin'
Lookin' for an answer?
Can  you meet the challenge risin' up at you?

The changing of the guard, means we
Welcome in the new: but
Every summer surely has a fall
The  path of least resistance
Has led me right to you
(And) the writing is on  the wall

Writing on the wall: writing on the wall
Stand up and be counted: all for one and one for all
The writing is on the wall

I am up here
Walking on a tight rope
But I
Never pause to think
That I could fall

I've got one short dance
On this  planet
But I'll carve my message deep into the wall

So shout it from the rooftops
Sing it to the sky
Stand up for all one and one for all
I  feel the tide is turning as I
Watch the days go down
I can read the writing on the wall

EPILOGUE (Resolution)
Music by Triumph


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