Progressions of Power

Progressions of Power

  1. I Live for the Weekend
  2. I Can Survive
  3. In the Night
  4. Nature's Child
  5. Woman in Love
  6. Take My Heart
  7. Tear the Roof Off
  8. Fingertalkin'
  9. Hard Road

      Released in 1980.
      Rik Emmett: All guitars, vocals.
      Mike Levine: Bass guitar, keyboards.
      Gil Moore: Drums, percussion, vocals.

      Produced by: Triumph

      Recording and Remix Engineeer: Mike Jones
      Assisted by: Jeff  Stobbs, Robin Brouwers, Mick Walsh

      Mastered by: John Golden at Kendun Recorders, Los Angeles

      Digitally Re-Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at  Masterdisk, New York, New York

      Recorded December 1979 and January 1980 at Phase One Studios,
      Toronto, Canada

      Words and music by Triumph

      Makin' my way to the job each  day
      Slave like a dog for my hard-earned pay
      When the bell rings I'm ready  to run
      Gonna get high, gonna have some fun
      I know the boss, he don't think  I'm good
      Baby I'm just badly misunderstood
      'Cause you know what I like

      I live, I live, I live for the weekend
      I live, I live, I live for the weekend

      Ya know ya gotta serve
      Ya know ya gotta please
      My baby puts my mind at  ease
      Friday comes 'n' I'm thinkin' of you
      'Cause at five o'clock, they're  gonna set me loose
      Come on, babe, we're gonna live it up
      Don't ya know  that
      I can't get enought
      Of your sweet love


      I know, babe, you don't think I'm good
      But, you got me badly  understood
      An' I know what I like


      Words and music by Triumph

      My teacher told me, "Boy, you're no  good
      Just because you don't do what you should
      You better shape up, or  you're gonna fail."
      But I said, "I'm leavin', cuz this is a jail."
      An' I  know what you're thinkin'
      But don't pity me, oh no
      I'll be better off out on my own

      I can survive
      I can survive just fine
      I can survive
      I can  survive on my own

      They tried to tell me, they tried to sell me
      Play music like this, if you want to be smart
      But I said, "Listen, here's what you're missin'
      Music's  got to have a heart."
      They put me through many changes
      Faces and names are  clear
      But I'll just leave my music
      Ringin' louder in their ears


      Now you should know just what to do
      Don't let other people take advantage  of you now
      Don't think twice, no don't hesitate
      Shoot for the top, you gotta deal with fate
      And I know that you'll understand
      You got the power, baby, in your hands, yeah


      Words  and music by Triumph

      In the night, in the darkness
      Love can grow or love will die
      Such a strange situation
      Thought I heard  somebody cry
      I found love, inspiration
      We had time, so much to  share
      Came the night, came the darkness
      I reached out and she wasn't there

      There's a voice in the night
      Cryin' in the night
      Can't you  hear it
      Can't you hear it

      So much pain, persecution
      Disillusion and despair
      I think I need some  consolation
      I think I need someone to care
      All my dreams, gone  forever
      I feel them fade
      And drift away
      Now I cry, cry, cry in the darkness
      Can't you hear what I'm tryin' to say


      You tell yourself,
      Don't be lonely don't be scared
      An' everything will  be alright
      But the darkness comes
      An' then you hear
      All those voices in  the night
      In the night

      A time will come when you are lonely
      When you get scared and too weak to  fight
      Then you will cry, cry, cry in the darkness
      An' you'll be just another
      Voice out in the night


      Words and music by Triumph

      I was brought up in the backstreets
      A  motherless son with no family
      Out on my own to face reality
      I heard my dear daddy was just like me

      I'm a nature's child
      I'm a nature's child
      On the loose,  runnin' wild

      I live my life
      Like I wanna live
      I got no reasons that I have to  give
      Now no one's got
      No chains on me
      I'll tell you somethin'  baby
      It's the way it should be


      Words and music by Triumph

      "Get outta here
      Leave me alone"
      An' she slammed the door right in my face
      I know I was a little  late but
      I can't communicate
      If romance is a race
      So I knocked again
      An' marched on in
      Said "Baby let me state my case.
      Lovers can be  cruel but I don't wanna.
      Why must you act like a prima donna?"

      She's a woman in love
      She's a woman in love
      This messin' around is bringing me down
      With my woman in love

      You say I'm crazy
      No good and lazy
      But you keep comin' back for more?
      If you're after the money, then back off honey
      I've been down that  road before
      So take it or leave it
      But baby don't tease it
      Your games are such a bore
      I don't understand your philosophy
      Why must our love be a tragedy?


      I don't know which way to turn
      Makin' me crazy try to understand
      What it means to be a man
      Although I seem cruel I'm tryin' the best I  can
      Sometimes you treat me so low-down dirty
      Baby I think we  should...
      Sit down and talk it over


      Words and music by Triumph

      Take my heart
      I lay it out before you  in my song
      I play my part
      And hope against all hope
      You play along
      Take my heart
      Take this magic from my mind
      Take my heart
      Take the dreams you always
      Hoped to find

      Take my song, take my heart
      Give my dreams a chance to start
      Take my song, take my heart
      Take my love

      I wear a song to mask my awkward face
      The music helps to fill the empty  space
      I wish that I could hide it all away
      Instead it shows in every note I play
      And I play
      And I play


      Words and music  by Triumph

      Everybody welcome to the show
      I gotta  message that you oughta know
      Stand in the aisles
      Stand on the seats
      Clap you hands an' stomp your feet
      C'mon girl, let's raise some hell
      It's a time to scream and it's time to yell

      Let's tear the roof off tonite
      Tear the roof off tonite
      The  fuse is ready to light
      Tear the roof off tonite

      Hey listen, if you got the time
      I see a lady she's at least a  nine
      She's ready to rock, ready to roll
      C'mon girl let's lose  control
      Stick with me an' you'll feel alright
      As long as you stay for the  show tonite


      C'mon baby, shake me up
      My head is spinnin' like a top
      I got me a rock  and roll machine
      Let's hear ya shout, hear ya scream
      Tell me that you love  me like I knew you would
      The party here never felt so good


      Music by Triumph


      Words and music by Triumph

      It's a hard road
      A hard road to follow
      It's a hard road,
      It's the highway to tomorrow

      Hey you, man, what do you know?
      It's not so easy on the lonely road
      Hey  man, where do I go?
      Nothin' to win, and nothin' to show


      Hey you, human sacrifice,
      You paid the road, was it worth the price?
      It takes, it takes, it doesn't ask twice
      You could win the world,
      You could  lose your life


      You waste each precious moment
      Chasing rainbows in the sky
      The road lies there before you
      Are you afraid to try?

      You're so clever,
      You're so cool
      But you're just another number
      Just another fool
      How you thirst for sweet revenge
      But you're the loser in the  end


      And when it's said and done And the hard road claims you
      Even though  it won
      No one really blames you
      The truth gets lost
      But the legend will  grow
      Yesterday's victim...tomorrow's  hero

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