Rock and Roll Machine

The Rock and Roll Machine

  1. Takes Time
  2. Bringing It on Home
  3. Little Texas Shaker
  4. New York City Streets - Part 1
  5. New York City Streets - Part 2
  6. The City
                   Part 1 - War March
                   Part 2 - El Duende Agonizante
                   Part 3 - Minstrel's Lament
  7. Rocky Mountain Way
  8. Rock & Roll Machine

Released Background Vocals: Beau David, Elane Overholt, Colina Phillips,
Gord Waszek
Additional Keyboards: Mike Danna

Produced by: Mike Levine and Doug Hill
Recording Enginner: Mark Wright
Re-Mix Engineer: George Semkiw
Assisted by: Jeff Stobbs and Robin Brouwers

Recorded at: Phase One Recording Studios Ltd., Toronto,  Canada,
August and September 1977

Words and music by Triumph

I've known girls all around the world
I've met every kind
You say  you're something special to me
But honey never mind
Everytime you say you  mean it
I whisper something, oh yeah, I can't repeat it
Everytime I'm  sorry to say
Baby don'tcha understand

It takes time baby it takes time
To make time baby it takes time
It takes time to make time with me

You say that you wanna settle down
Yeah I guess we might
But we'll be on the road for 90 days
Yeah we leave tonight
All the time you been  schemin'
To try to trick me, oh yeah, you must be dreamin'
Once again I'm sorry to say
Baby don'tcha understand


Words  by Rik Emmett
Music by Rik Emmett and Mike Levine

I see the light shining in your eyes
I feel my temperature start to rise
Sweet lady I've got a surprise
You feel my lovin' down deep inside

Don't tease don't stand me up
I wanna drink from your lovin' cup
Ooh  girl I'm singin' to you
You feel my message comin' on through

I'll bring it on home to you
I'm singin' my song for you
I'm singin' it for you

All alone when I came your way
You let me in won't you let me stay
It doesn't happen every day
Don't let it fade away

Got love and I got time
I got a way I'm gonna make you mine
Ooh girl I'm singin' to you
You gotta feel it just comin' on through

Words and music by Triumph

The boys were rock 'n' rollin' down in old San Antone
About two thousand miles far away from their home
A little brown eyed beauty was shakin' her thing
The band was hot ya know the mood was right
Gotta shake it up tonight

Got to shake it Little Texas Shaker
Got to shake your money  maker
Got to shake it Little Texas Shaker

Ya, there were pretty ladies standin' all in a row
Waitin' for the boys right after the show
But she was like diamond among other girls
The band was hot ya know the mood was right
Gotta shake it up tonight


Hey pretty baby forget all you fears
Rock to the music ringin' in my  ears
Well I'm a see-saw lover and I think you know
If you don't want to make it then you got to go
Tonight we'll have a party yes I think we  might
The band was hot ya know the mood was right
Gotta shake it up  tonight

Words and  music by Gil Moore

Many days
Many days have come and gone
Since we all believed
The air  was ours to breathe

Many times
In the networks of our lives
We've been deceived
By those who lead
Can't you see
Can't you see
This can't go on forever
This can't go on
Down in New York
Down in New York
Down in New York town

What's the cost if another truth is lost
Inside a scheme designed to sell a dream
A baby's cryin' and New York City's dyin'
But does God know I  though he ran this show
Don't you know don't you know
This can't go on down in New York

Words  and music by Gil Moore

Steppin' out on Broadway
In a place they call Manhattan
Witness life and death itself
And watch as it happens
Here is New York town baby
You  don't trust no one
Or you may soon be face to face
With someone's loaded  gun

New York City streets
New York City streets

Standin' on a corner in this heavy New York City
Waits a lady dressed to  kill she' tryin' to be pretty
Best believe she's hustlin' just to
Make her man a score
Keep him in the finest style that's
What a good girl's for


Harlem star in their big black cars
New York City sidewalks
On a young girl's knee
New York City
Gotta get away,
Gotta get away from New  York
New York City


Words and music by Rik Emmett

Part 1 - WAR MARCH



I have watched in wonder as
The colours turned to grey
I've seen the  metal machines and
The factory dreams
I just got to get away
I have grown accustomed to
The drugs of power and steel
And the achin' in my head  and the concrete bed
And the politician's velvet feel, oh

I have learned to save my smile and
Use it like a knive
We've all  learned to trust in profit and value
Profit over life
I have watched the skyline grow in
Defiance of the sun
We let it take us and we let it break  us
Now the damage has been done, oh

I have learned the language
Of the lost that walk the streets
And I'm  the city's minstrel
Who knows all of her syncopated beats
I can recall when ambitions were small
And the music filled the air
But the minstrel's crying 'cause the music's dying
And the city's everywhere
It's everywhere

Now there's no more singing
Just a ringing in my ears
And the city's story in all it's power
Is the greatest of my fears

Long gone once upon a time
I sang a song so sweet
But now I can't hear the melody
I just feel the driving beat, beneath my feet
Hear my crying

Words and music by Joe Walsh,  J. Vitale,
K. Passarelli, and R. Grace

Spent the last year
Rocky mountain way
We couldn't get much higher
Out to pasture
I think it's safe to say
A time to open fire

And we don't need the lady
Cryin' 'cause the story's  sad
Rocky mountain way
Is better than the way we had
Yeah, yeah

Well, he's tellin' us this and he's tellin' us that
Changin' it  everyday
And says it doesn't matter
The bases are loaded and Casey's at  bat
Changin' it play by play
A time to change the batter



Words and music by Gil Moore

Tonight's the night everybody's at the show
The girls and boys come  to
Hear the rocket blow
You can't stop when the Rocket's playin'
Everybody jump and shout
Let's rock and reel it anyway you feel it
That's what this is all about

Rock and Roll Machine
Faster than you ever seen
Rock and Roll Machine
All those eyes just lookin' at you

Ooh baby you're crazy
If you try to steal the show
Get set, get ready time to watch the Rocket go
Rock and Roll Machine plays faster
East as  ringin' a bell
A fireball steamer, heavy metal screamer
Playin' licks  hotter than hell


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