Sport of Kings

The Sport of Kings

  1. Tears in the Rain
  2. Somebody's Out There
  3. What Rules My Heart
  4. If Only
  5. Hooked on You
  6. Take a Stand
  7. Just One Night
  8. Embrujo (Instrumental)
  9. Play with the Fire
  10. Don't Love Anybody Else but Me
  11. In the Middle of the Night

Released in 1986.

Rik Emmett

: Guitars and vocals.

Mike Levine

: Bass and keyboards.

Gil Moore

: Drums and  vocals.

Keyboard & Syntesizer  programming by Lou Pomanti,
Scott Humphery (The Downtown Dolls), and Mike  Boddicker.
Background vocals by John Rutledge, Neil Donell, and David Blamires.

Recorded at The Metalworks Studios, Toronto, Canada,
One On One Studios, Hollywood, CA,
and Phase One Recording Studios, Toronto,  Canada.
Produced and Engineered by Mick Clink.
Executive producer: Thom Trumbo.
Additional engineering by Noel Golden.
Mixed at The Record Plant, L.A., California.

Words and music by Triumph

We passed the point of no  return
How can we make amends
All alone I watch the candle burn
Burnin'  at both ends
Nothin's ever gonna change
Can tears wash away this pain

Tears in the rain
Here it comes again
I'll never know  the reason why
I cry these tears in the rain

The time has come to make a stand
We've waited much too long
Nobody's gonna lead us by the  hand
How could we be so wrong?
We lost the chance to play the game
Can  tears wash away this pain


So many times I've wondered  why
We still play this game


Words and music by Triumph

Is it fate or random chance
How can I decide
Are  we victims of circumstance
When destinies collide
All the odds are against you
But somehow you make it through
You can rationalize it away
But it all comes down to you
Half our lives we spend waiting
For the knock upon the door
When it comes, will it be the one
That I've been waiting for

Somebody's out there, somewhere
Waiting for someone to come their way
Somebody's out there, somewhere
I will somehow be  somebody's someone

Standing in the shadows
Hiding from the  light
Reach out in the darkness
And hold on for your life
All the fear of the future
All the loneliness inside
When the moment of truth arrive, hey,
You can run but you can't hide


...I can feel it inside me
I've been holding on so long
Something's tellin' me something's got to give
'Cause the feeling's way too strong, too strong

Words and music by Triumph with Maloney and Huff

I hate so say the feelin's gone
But I just can't keep holding on
I hope that's somethin' your heart will allow
I didn't mean to do it
I should have known from the start
I  just couldn't put you through it
Sometimes I just don't know

What rules my heart
What rules my heart
What rules my  heart
What rules my heart

Mistreating you was such a crime
I know the hurt will heal in time
But that's a small consolation right now
I  didn't mean to do it
I should have known from the very start
I just couldn't put you throught it
Sometimes I just don't know


I just don't know what rules my heart
I never ever wanted to tear us apart

Words and music by Triumph

If only I could  change the world
With just a simple song
If only I could keep my  words
From coming out all wrong
If only I could make you see another point of view
If only wishes would come true

If only once upon a  time
Could be the here and now
If only make-believe could make
Believers of us all
If only I could touch the dream
So deep inside of you
If only wishes would come true
If only, if only,
Wishes would come true
If only, if only,
I could get to you
Maybe we could make a  wish come true

If only I could change your heart
With just a simple song
If only I could stop the world
From turning out all wrong
If only  everybody wished
The same things that I do
There would be hope for me and you
If only wishes would come true

Words and music by Triumph

When I first tasted your love
I knew I'd never get enough
Cuz, I'm hooked
Hooked on you.
When you turn on your love light
You burn me, but it's all right
Cuz, I'm hooked
Hooked on you.

Hooked on it
The fire in your eyes
Hooked on it
I  just can't disguise
How I feel, what can I do
Hooked on you.

You  gave me just one look and babe
I swear that's all it took
And I was  hooked
Hooked on you.
This heart is afflicted
Yeah, it's true.
I'm  hooked on you.

Hooked on it - One touch of your hand
Hooked on it - I can't understand
You don't know, what you put me through

Words and music by Triumph and Rick  Santer

Time is runnin'  out
Hear it tickin' away
Future's closin' in
No reason to delay
Break the chains that hold you down, my friend
Don't wait any longer
Find the answers deep inside yourself
They're makin' you stronger

Take a stand
In the light
It'll be all right tonight
Fire it up
Burn it bright
We can never give up the fight
We can make it all right
We can make it all right, all right tonight

Clouds are rollin' in
Hear the thunder in the distance
Lightnin'  strikin' all around me
Breaks my resistance
The walls are crashin' in, the storm begins to
Tear down the system
The house is comin' down it's all  around
It's high time we listened


Words and music by Eric Martin, Tony Fanucchi, and Neal Schon

I've always  wondered
What it would be like
Just you and me baby
Nothin' else
We meet again
Both of us by circumstance
Stay with me
We might never get the chance to

Hold on to love
Just one night
Don't try  to fight about it
Take me I'm yours
For just one night

Don't be alone
And think of what
We could have had,
You'll wonder why
You  ever let this moment pass
You can't deny
We see it in each other's  eyes
Close the door
Leave this lonely world outside to

I, I,  I
I, I, I
We might never
Get this chance
Hold on to love
Don't  try to fight about it
Take me I'm yours
Just one night

Music by Rik Emmett


Words and music by Triumph

I see the passion that burns in your eyes
And I feel the spirit  inside of me rise
When it starts in me
In the heart of me
There's a  part of me burning tonight

When she calls to you, no  matter what you do
She'll be claiming you,
Taking you higher and higher

Play with the fire
With a hunger that runs in your  soul
Burning desire
Is taking you out of control
There's no fighting  it
No denying it
Something's inside of us
Driving us closer  tonight...into the fire

Time marches on, but love never dies
The  risks that we run will keep it alive
She will come again (2nd time - Here she comes again)
Like a burning flame
And you can't stop the pain of desire,
When she calls to you...



Here's she comes again
Like a burning flame
And you can't stop the pain of desire,
When she calls to you...

Words by Glenn Miller, music by Glenn Miller and Ed Roynesdal

You can  talk
Or I can beat my head against the wall
'Cause that'd be just as easy
And I,
I can't keep giving you it all
Not if you're just gonna tease me
Now I don't know how it's supposed to be
But as long as you say that you're in love with me, darlin'

Don't love anybody else  but me
Don't be waiting for some fantasy
Don't love anybody else but me

I could ask
What it is that's burning you inside
But then what  would protect me?
In the past
I never had this much riding on the  line
No, I can't let you reject me
'Cause no one else kept you this satisfied
And I'm not gonna wait for you to read my mind, so darlin'

Don't love anyone else but me
Don't be waiting for some  fantasy
I've been waiting for you patiently
Don't love anyone else but me

How could you do this to us?
Am I askin' too much?
At least that's  what I'm hoping but then you
Don't know if we can undo the harm
You say  there's no way of knowing
But if you're not asking me to set you free
And  as long as you claim to be in love with me


Words and music by Triumph

Two broken people  can never go back
They blame each other for the things they lack
They have  no concept of the danger they're in
There's no accounting for the wages of sin

You say that love is holding you down
I watch you walkin'  away
I look for something that could turn this around
There's nothin' I  can say

In the middle of the night...
I'm calling
Can  you hear me whisper your name
In the dying of the light...I'm falling
But  it feels like the morning may never be coming again
Never again, never again

Under the table, under the gun
Under the influence of what
We've  become
Heavy consequences for the things that we've done
We should have learned to talk before we started to run
Whatever happened to the love that we had?
I feel it
Slippin' away
It started good but now it's ending so bad...look at the
Price we pay


Too many people they walk in their sleep
Steppin' on the promises that they ought to  keep
Anaesthetic people, they dance in a dream, but
Things are never quite as simple as they seem
You're keepin' all your secrets inside you
They're  gonna tear you apart
Let me come and lay down beside you
Open up your heart


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