Stages (LIVE!)

  1. When the Lights Go Down
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Hold On
  4. Magic Power
  5. Rock and Roll Machine
  6. Lay it on the Line
  7. A World of Fantasy
  8. Midsummer's Daydream
  9. Spellbound
  10. Follow Your Heart
  11. Fight the Good Fight
  12. Mind Games
  13. Empty Inside

Released in 1985.

Rik Emmett

: Guitars and vocals.

Mike Levine

: Bass and keyboards.

Gil Moore

: Drums and  vocals.

All songs by Emmett, Levine, Moore.

Recorded in various cities on the Allied Forces, Never Surrender,  and Thunder Seven Tours,
1981 to 1985.
Produced by Triumph.
Mixed June - August, 1985 at The Metalworks Studios, Ontario, Canada.
Remixed by Ed Stone  and Hugh Cooper.
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York by Bob Ludwig.
Live Recording by Artisan Recorders Inc., Le Mobile, and Fedco Audio Labs.
Live concert audio engineered by Hary Witz and Bruce Judd for DB Sound, Chicago,  IL.

"Empty Inside" recorded and mixed by Hugh Cooper.
"Mind Games" recorded by Hugh Cooper, mixed by Jugh Cooper and Ed Stone.

Drum assistance on "Mind Games" by Gary McCracked during Gil's annual arm injury.
Additional keyboards by Rob Yale.
Additional vocal rocording by Brian Hewson at Path Studios with Elain "The Coach" Overholt.

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