1. Prologue: Into the Forever
  2. Never Say Never
  3. Headed For Nowhere
  4. All the King's Horses
  5. Carry On the Flame
  6. Let the Light (Shine on Me)
  7. Long Time Gone
  8. Rock You Down
  9. Prelude: The Waking Dream
  10. On and On
  11. All Over Again
  12. Running in the Night

Released in 1987.

Rik Emmett

: Guitars and Vocals

Mike Levine

: Bass

Gil Moore

: Drums and  Vocals

Steve Morse plays electric lead  guitar on "Headed for Nowhere" and acoustic guitar on "All the King's Horses".
Keyboards, synthesizers, and programming by Dave Tkaczuk.
Electronic percussion and effects programming by Greg  Loates.
Background vocals by Joel Wade, Joel Feeney, and Paul  Henderson.

All Songs written by Emmett, Levine, Moore except:
"Never Say Never" by Emmett, Levine, Moore, Simone.
"Carry On The Flame" by Emmett, Levine, Moore,Tkaczuk.
"All The Kings Horses" by  Emmett, Levine, Moore, Morse.
"All Over Again" by Roger Freeland and Joe Pizzulo.
"Running in the Night" by Emmett, Levine, Moore, Scott.
"Headed  for Nowhere" by Emmett, Levine, Moore,  Santer.

Produced by Thom Trumbo and  Triumph.
Recorded and Mixed by Ed Stone and Noel Golden.
Additional Engineering by Hugh Cooper.
Recorded and mixed at the Metalworks Studios,  Toronto, Canada.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, Corp., New York.
Additional vocals engineered by Noel Golden and Bill Kennedy at Phase  One Studios, Toronto, Canada.

Words and music by Triumph


Words and music by Triumph with Simone

Keeping the faith is a constant fight
We live and we breath it
And when you feel the cause is right
You gotta believe  it
Which is stronger, your hope or your fear?
Meet the challenge of your life...

Never say never -- don't let me down
Try to understand
(Never say never) I will always be around
Never say never again

They say if you're not aware of history
You're doomed to repeat it
You  gotta face up to your enemy
"N" try to defeat it
Somehow you can find the strength
Somewhere that's deep down inside


I still believe in the power of truth
That the fire of freedom can burn in the heart of a song
Dare to dream in all that you do
Forever can never be wrong


Words and music by Triumph and Rick Santer

I've had a long, long time to think it over now
You're not the one I waited  for
You're askin' me to let it go for now
I can't take it anymore

What did you expect?
You've thrown away your self-respect
But I'm not  gonna let you take me down, so I'll see you 'round

Headed for nowhere, I don't want to go there
I know you've been leading me on
Headed for nowhere, I know that you don't care, so
Don't try  to drag me along

You never stopped to ask where do we go from here
You've had the answers all along
But now you see the deadline, it's drawing near
And you don't  know where you went wrong

You've had it all your way
And I stood beside you, come what may
But  I'm not gonna follow you no more, no more


I've had a long, long time to think it over now
You're not the one I waited for
You're askin' me to let it go for now
I can't take it anymore

I know you'll never change
Playin' all your games
But I'm not gonna  follow you no more, no more


Words and music by Triumph and Steve Morse

There's a hole in the sky that leads nowhere
A link gone missing  from the chain
There's a hole in our hearts, an empty promise there
Can  you tell me if we'll ever be the same
The rhetoric of power speaks a language  of fear
But no border no boundaries could ever hold us here
How can the  rain keep from washing al your words away?


All the king's horses and all the king's men
Can they ever put the world  back together again,
Before we reach the end?

Words and music by Triumph and Dave Tkaczuk

Searchin' for something
In a world that's  dark and strange
When you think you've found answers
That's when the  answers change

Into your hands it's fallin'
Can't you hear the future callin'

Carry on the flame
Walk inside the light

The wisdom of the light
Don't ever be denied
Can never be denied
Carry on the flame
Through the darkest  night
Hold it on high
Keep the fire burnin' deep inside

You live for the moment But the moment slips away
A better tomorrow  takes
Your best today

Into your hands it's fallin'
Can't you hear the future callin'


(King's Horses Reprise)

All the king's horses and all the king's men
Won't you try to bring the world together?

You can set your sights a little bit higher
You can make it burn just a  little bit brighter
It's your legacy, your destiny
Carry on the flame...

Words and music by Triumph

I've walked beside you through a thousand dreams
Sometimes I wonder where the journey leads
We never seem to get to where we want to
I won't betray the trust you have in me
I'll never lose my faith in what can be
Don't  ever be afraid to let your feelings
Nothing to fear, no place to hide
We got to face the truth inside

Let the light that shines in your eyes shine on me
Let it shine forever
Let the light shine on me
We can build a dream together now

One in a million are the odds we face
One in a million that's a chance I'll take
Cause when the moment comes I'll take my chance with you
And  when it's more than you can bear
You call my name and I'll be there


So hard to find your way out of the dark
Let the light shine from your  heart...


Words and music by Triumph

You say you're not afraid behind your walls of pride
They keep the world away but something's trapped inside
I'll go any way the wind blows
And you know the storm comes and the river will run
You better hold on to the moment
Cause it may never come again

Long time gone
Where do we go from here
Long time gone away..

The voice of reason begs the fighting takes its toll
You're bangin' big square pegs into little round holes
But I'll go anyplace your heart goes and you know
The music plays and the heart obeys

You gotta keep this thing together
But you don't know the why or  how
It's getting hard to find forever
In the state of here and now


Words and music by Triumph

I just wanna rock you, wanna rock you
I just wanna rock you girl, down, down,  down
Wanna rock you, wanna rock you
Wanna rock you down

Tired of talkin', don't mess me around
I wanna rock you girl, down, down, down
Time to move it baby, take it underground
I wanna rock you


C'mon girl make up you mind
Your body's talkin' and I'm on the line
No time to lose, let's roll the dice
Test your limits, find out if you're alive


Don't hesitate you'll only pay the price
Live for the moment and don't  think twice
C'mon baby I wanna make your mine
Send me a message or some  kind of sign

Mmmm yeah, let's talk about it
It's party time at the house of blue light
Every Saturday night

You know I've seen a lot of ladies strut through this place
But when I first laid eyes on you I thought I'd...
You look so hot
I just can't resist...

Words and music by Triumph


Words and music  by Triumph

You sit and wonder lonely in the night
But you can't seem to make up your mind
There ain't no way to leave all the worry behind
Callin' out for Lady Luck
She just lets  you down
Try to take her as she comes Hang on: Turn it around

On and on it goes
Where it stops nobody knows
On and on it goes
Round and round and it won't slow down

Is this the right place -- the right time?
Nobody gives guarantees
How  can you tell the sound of opportunity?
Comin' down to the moment of truth
One word could make it right
I wonder if you feel it too
Hey, maybe we're gonna get lucky tonight


You're not the only one in the world
That can feel something's wrong
A  broken heart, another lonely night
Still we go on and on and on


Words and music by Roger Freeland and Joe Pizzulo

Questions of mind -- that words never answer
A test of the heart  -- we face all alone
Are we wasting time -- I can't help to wonder
Still  we go no -- I know that I can't let you go,

I'm in love with you (all over)
I'm in love with you (all  over)
After all that we've been through
All over again

Deep in the night lying beside you
It's so easy to feel the love that we  share
Your body's so warm -- and I need to hold you
Close to my heart, tight in my arms, all of my life


You are the one I keep runnin' to
Runnin' back to your arms
All over again


Words and music by Triumph with Baker and Scott

Late in the evening
Emotions running wild
The shivers in your  fingers tell no lies
I know I make you crazy
I don't want to break your heart

Bout ooh, ooh come with me girl
Running in the night
Stay with me until the morning light
I can  feel the passion burning

Time goes on and on
Until the well runs dry
Waiting won't turn water into wine
Stand still for a moment
And you're frozen for all time


Ooh, ooh girl come with me
We'll make the fire grow
Listen to the sirens in your  soul

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