Thunder Seven

Thunder Seven

  1. Spellbound
  2. Rock Out, Roll On
  3. Cool Down
  4. Follow Your Heart
  5. Time Goes By
  6. Midsummer's Daydream (Instrumental)
  7. Time Canon
  8. Killing Time
  9. Stranger in a Strange  Land
  10. Little Boy Blues (Instrumental)

Released in 1984.

Rik Emmett

: Six and tweleve string Guitars,
  guitar synthesizers,
  vocals and backgrounds.

Mike Levine

: Bass guitar, keyboards,

Gil Moore

: Drums percussion Vocals
  and  backgrounds.

Additional synthesizer programming and keybords by Lou Pomanti.

All songs writen by Emmett,  Levine, Moore.

Recorded July and August, 1984 at The Metalworks Studio, Ontario, Canada.
Produced by Triumph and Eddie Kramer.
Recorded by Ed Stone and Eddie Kramer.
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York by Bob  Ludwig.
Mixed by Eddie Kramer, Ed Stone, and Hugh Cooper.

There  are ten thunders in the wake, the seventh is tribal man again.

Words and music by Triumph

If looks could kill then I know she  would
She's playing the part, you know it's understood
I know the second  glance was my first mistake
I took the chance that I had to take
Fire in  her eyes made my blood run cold
She took me by surprise and I'm

Spellbound, dreaming of you all the time
Spellbound, feels  like I'm falling over the line
Spellbound, will my head be clear by the morning light

I don't make promises I can't keep
But I better think it over, I'm in way too deep
I'm shook up, paralyzed by her icy stare, long legs and golden hair
Late night love is on my mind
She took me by surprise  and I'm


I'm on a one way ride to where I just don't  know
She put a spell on me, the fantasy comes and goes

I clear my head in the morning light
Start all over when I feel alright
I've gotta shape up before it's too late
I think I'm losin' my mind and I'm


Spellbound, can't find a reason, can't find a  rhyme
Spellbound, give me a signal, show me a sign
Spellbound, will my  head be clear in the morning light

Words and music by Triumph

The ghosts of Woodstock still haunt the next of kin
But the  screams and shouts have turned to whispers on the wind
The time has come to face the music again
Back 'em up against the wall and bring the hammer  down
Tell 'em that was then, my friend, but this is here and now

Rock Out, Roll On
Rock out we've waited so long
Rock Out, Roll On we keep holding on
We've waited so long we've got to be strong
We'll just keep holdin' on...

Can't you hear the future  knockin' down the door
Can't you hear the footsteps on the killing  floor
Comes a time when you can't take anymore
When you've made up your mind, you step over the line
Then it's all just a question of time


A chance will surely come your way
To say the things  you need to say
To play like no one else has played
And blow them away

Is it any wonder we somehow survive
The strength and the power comes from somewhere inside
You learn to turn your cheek and swallow your  pride
Coming to the wire, fighting fire with fire
Driven on by this  burnin' desire


Words  and music by Triumph

Woman  turn my head around
Woman my whole world's upside down
You come into my life and you tear it all apart
You can't put out the fire once it starts
'Til there's nothin' left to burn inside my heart

Cut the  cards watch her deal
She got nerves of steel
Play with fire when you play her game
Love's desire feeds the flame
I realize I'm terrified
She's so hot can't stop

Cool Down, Cool Down, you make me  crazy
Makin' me hot, I gotta stop, I need a shot

Nothin' you can do or say can make her change her ways
Burns me up such a big shot girl
Got a  one way ticket to a white hot world
I got the fever down to the bone
I'm  on my knees, please, leave me alon

Cool Down, Cool Down, crazy, crazy
Makin' me got, I gotta stop, 'cause I need a shot
I'm on fire  burnin' all the time

Cool Down, Cool Down, down, down, Cool Down

Words and music by Triumph

People say
Don't  ever look behind
Happiness is just a state of mind
Rock and Roll lives and  breathes in the hearts of the young
So carry on
You're runnin' on borrowed time
Tryin' hard to survive
Keep on runnin'
Your time in comin'
Keep your dreams alive

Follow Your Heart (You got to Follow Your  Heart)
Living for the day, forget about tomorrow
Follow Your Heart (You got to Follow Your Heart)
Any other way can only lead to sorrow
Don't wait any longer
Follow Your Heart

Play for keeps
And try to never lose
Live it fast but live the life you choose
Rock and Roll lives and  breathes in the hearts of the young
So let it ride
Each time you roll the dice
Luck will finally arrive
Keep on runnin'
Your time is comin'
Keep your dreams alive


Oh, listen to the  rhythm
Your heart won't lie
Rock and Roll hearts
Just never die, never  die


Words and  music by Triumph

Can't you  feel the thunder, rollin' in a young man's heart
Can't you see the  frustration it's tearin' him apart
He's got a hunger for power, he wants to have it all
Sometimes he feels like he's bangin' his head up against the wall
Out in the real world living a lie
Can't seem to make the change, but he can't say why
As Time Goes By
Nobody really knows what to say, tomorrow  is another day
That seems a million miles away, so far away

Time Goes By, bridges burn and big wheels turn and
Time can fly, will it ever bring you back again?
You know that I can't live without your love
Time Goes By, you know I'll never make it alone
Make it  alone

Can't you see the fire burnin' in a young girl's eyes
Does she think that she moves ahead if she cuts me down to size
Everybody's got two  cents to try to buy some time
But they don't even know their own hearts
What can they know of mine?
Call out for reasons echoes the  cry
She waits, anticipates; no reply as Time Goes By
Oh baby I don't know what to say
Tomorrow is another day
You seem a million miles away, so far  away


We all bear witness as history unfolds
Let's hope tomorrow can deliver on the promise that she holds
Don't look back in anger,  don't look ahead in fear
You just keep takin' her as she comes until she  comes in clear
The love you send out returns to you in time
The wheel gets turned around by those who try
For all their lives


Music by Rik Emmett


Words and music by Triumph

Time and time and  time again
Time after time after time
Round and round and round  again
Time never waits
Time never ends
All of your life
All the  time
Goes on by
By and by and by

Words and music by Triumph

Hangin' out on the corner - he's got no place to go
She sits in  an empty bedroom - playin' the radio
Everyday regretting all the things they  never tried
Everyday they're dyin' just a little bit more inside

All  the lonely people waiting all their lives
They're empty and they're achin',  you can see it in their eyes

Time is slippin' away, it's just passin' 'em by
They're wondering why, but it's gone
Gone forever my friend and it won't come again
So don't try to pretend you feel fine
Killing  Time, Killing Time

You feel it's now or never - but the words don't seem  to come
The fabric of your dreams starts to come undone
You realize it's over before it has begun
You're reaching for something special, but that  someone never comes

You're on your own, now, but you're living out a lie
This Killing Time is wasting you, I can see it in your eyes


The time we waste on hate, full of anger and jealosy
At times we act so cruel, all the time your turned on me
All those  lonely yesterdays when we were Killing Time
I needed you more than ever, couldn't you see it in my eyes
Time was slippin' away, passin' us by, now I could cry, 'cause it's gone
Gone forever my friend, and it won't come  again
It's moved on and left us behind


Words and music by Triumph

Andy Warhol's modern man builds a castle in the air
The deck is stacked but his house of cards
Grows as high as the market will bear
It won't take much to make his ship of dreams
Come crashing to the ground
You just wait for the wheel of fate to turn
And the wind of the wolf is gonna blow it all down

Shallow rivers of fashion run on courses tried and true
The masses dive in and it washes them down
Makes 'em feel like they're all brand  new
Blinding hatred caused by fear is
Showing in their eyes
They want  their truth all black and white
But a rainbow never tells no lies to a

Stranger in a Strange Land
What's a man supposed to do?
Just a Stranger in a Strange Land...
(waiting and watching and  wondering)
When will the light come shining through...

To feed the  heart's addiction, in answer to my soul
It may not be the best of worlds, but  it's the only one I know
In the shadow of Damocles' atomic sword
We learn to live with fear
Stringing out lives of quiet desperation
We're all just strangers here...
Riding along on the razor edge
Burned in the acid rain
Groped in the darkness, searching for a way
To fill the empty space  inside
And between us all...


Music by Triumph


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